After an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign a year ago, the Kúla Deeper 3D lens accessory returns on Kickstarter. Its creators is also launching the companion Kúla Bebe, which turns your smartphone into a true 3D camera. The post Turn a smartphone into a 3D camera with this lens accessory appeared first on Digital Trends .

Turn a smartphone into a 3D camera with this lens accessory

Stratasys Ltd. , a global leader of 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions and GoEngineer, a Stratasys reseller, will be part of a new television series on MAVTV called TITAN American Built.

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Stratasys Included in New TV Series "Titan American Built"

We speak to the Knight Rider and Baywatch star about his current projects, including his iPhone game and an intriguing plan involving 3D celebrity selfies David Hasselhoff is busy. It seems like he is always busy. He has just flown into London, ostensibly as part of a promotional tour for his new iPhone game, Hoff Zombie Beach, but he has a lot of other stuff to promote too. In one 15-minute …

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David Hasselhoff zombie games, 3D printing and the Berlin Wall

LG Electronics has announced the G3 Screen, a 5.9-inch Full HD Android smartphone that is powered by the Korean company’s first mobile application processor, the octa-core NUCLUN. While the G3 Screen is a notable smartphone on its own, the main feature here is the LG-made NUCLUN (pronounced NOO-klun) octa-core CPU which promises high performance and […] The post LG G3 Screen with NUCLUN octa …

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LG G3 Screen with NUCLUN octa-core CPU announced

The S22420T is one of Dell’s devices designed to meet corporate needs. It’s a touch monitor, meant to maximize the use of Windows 8. It features multi-touch and full HD display.

Please replace the release dated October 22, 2014 due to a change in the first paragraph following the Free with Purchase: $200 in Popular NOOK Content heading.

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CORRECTING and REPLACING Samsung and Barnes & Noble Introduce New Large Screen Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK®

Halo 4 pleasantly surprised the heck out of us in Master Chief Collection; it looks like a made-for-Xbox-One game running at 1080p/60fps. Take a look.

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See What Halo 4 Looks Like at 1080p/60fps in Halo: MCC

Sony confirms indie game launching October 28 for PlayStation 4; supports cross-buy with PS Vita.

1080p Unfinished Swan Hitting PS4 Next Week With Cross-Buy

For professional users like photographers and videographers, a 4K monitor will also enable them to edit their work at native (or close to native) resolutions, not to mention more desktop real estate for controls and other windows. Like how it makes little sense to buy a small 4K TV, from a visual, productivity, and (especially) comfort standpoint, it also makes little sense to buy a small 4K …

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Samsung UD590: An all-round 4K monitor that doesn't break the bank

A device's LCD display can easily be one of its greatest power drains, thanks to the backlight needed to actually show the image. This is not the only power draw though, as the pixels themselves require energy to maintain an image. Bi-stable displays however, can eliminate this requirement, and now researchers at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology have created a bi-stable display …

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3D Bi-Stable Display Created

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